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Meet the Joyride team! The Santa Crews crew if you will... terrible puns aside we are just a humble group of bike nerds living in our own little world of wheels, dirt, and trail beers.








Bio: How fast he rides is based on his pedal choice that day.

Current Bike: All the bikes

 FavoriteTrail: Trail 4

Post Ride Beverage: Coors Banquet








Bio: Based on how fast he rides and how polite he is, one might think he is Canadian.

Current Bike: Santa Cruz Bronson Gen 4

Favorite Trail: Dry Creek, Double Shot (Jug Mtn. Ranch)

Post Ride Beverage: A dark hearty stout or porter





Bio: Likes Mountain Bikes, Metal, Gardening and long walks on the beach with Gary Todd! Not necessarily in that order.

Current Bike: Santa Cruz Bronson Gen 3

Favorite Trail: Chickadee Ridge

Mid/Post Ride Beverage: Appletini





Bio: He is a tight pants wearing shredder, that loves nothing more than a full day of shuttle laps.

Current Bike: Which ever large Demo bike is available

Favorite Trail: Dry Creek Shuttle

Mid/Post Ride Beverage: Coors Banquet






Bio: Uhm... uh... wait what? Haha! Yeah.

Current Bike: Current Generation Specialized Enduro

Favorite Trail: Trail 4

Post Ride Beverage: Apple Juice as he is just a baby.



That One Guy:





Bio: Can't ever make up his mind on what bike he wants. Tall, skinny, rides in cut-off flannels.

Current Bike: Santa Cruz Nomad Gen 5

Favorite Trial: Bobs Trail or Femrites Patrol Shuttle

Post Ride Beverage: Any cold beer as long as it isn't an IPA




Bear Kat (RIP)



Bio: The original hipster has left the building.  Godspeed, ya old codger!

Current Bike: Santa Cruz Nomad Gen 3

Favorite Trail: Mahalo-Dry Creek shuttle

Post Ride Beverage: Ice water hold the ice.







Bio: A mid race shot taker with dark magic merchandising abilities. 

Current Bike: Transition Sentinel

Favorite Trail: Dry Creek, Double Shot (Jug Mtn. Ranch)

Post Ride Beverage: Rogues Dead Guy Ale








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