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How Important is it to Service Your Bike for Winter?

How Important is it to Service Your Bike for Winter?

Having a fun ride in the cold all starts with the proper gear. Breathable base layers, coupled with water and/or windproof clothing is the first step in preparing for cold weather riding. Good gloves and a waterproof shoe or shoe covers can help to keep your bike feel up to par when the temperatures are dropping. Wet dirt can get flung up just as easy, if not easier than the dry stuff. Make sure that you got something, sunglasses or goggles, over your eyes to ensure than you always have sight of your next turn or drop. We have all the wind, water, and eye protection necessary to keep you out on the trails this winter. 

As far as the bike goes, when the conditions start to get slippery and wet, its' important to ensure that your running the proper tire set up to accommodate. Bigger knobs with wider tread patterns will be your best friend in these sorts of conditions. Running a lower tire pressure is another way to combat slippery winter trails. Another area that's important to safety-check before winter riding are your brake pads. Cold weather conditions eats up pads more quickly than summer conditions. Double checking brake pad life before the start of the cold season can ensure that you're fighting slick trails with the most stopping power possible. 

For those with other activities that take priority once the cold hits, there's still work to be done! A bike that is properly cleaned and lubed before it's hung to wait out the time to ride again will be closer to optimal condition when the season starts back up, and also gives you some pretty wall art in the meantime. Winter is also a great time to take care of more in-depth maintenance that would otherwise keep you from riding in the peak of the season. Changing seals on forks and shocks, as well as proper service to those elements and your dropper included can have your steed feeling brand new on your first ride back out. Come down and see us and get your servicing done before the winter season is in full effect!


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