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Butt Stuff

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The relationship between your keister and your bike saddle is an intimate one. But before we get this started, this was all Layton Martin's idea. Mr. Martin spends all-day wrenching on folks bikes, which includes installing new seats and making sure your the saddle is level. One could say that he is the second line of defense in keeping your ass happy. Why is he only the second line? Because the first line is you!

To start things off, get your self shorts with a chamois pad liner. Wearing shorts with a padded liner is a must, especially if you are new to riding. Find something with a good quality chamois for your sit bones made from a material that is nice and soft, for the more sensitive areas. If you are new to riding, you will get a little sore, but not nearly as bad as if you were riding without a chamois. Make sure you purchase a pair that are antimicrobial. Especially, for those multiple day rides, when you don't have time to wash that swampy butt pad, that does not mean you shouldn't wash them. Please wash them. Bacteria will still form and you will smell like a high school boy's locker room.

After you get the chamois part of this equation locked down, do some research on saddles. There are thousands of saddle options, one for every type butt that exists, big, boney, flat or old you name it there is a saddle for it. Purchase a seat that lines up with your sit bones, if your sit bones are farther apart, a saddle that is a bit wider will be more comfortable and vise versa. There is a bit more to it than just narrow and wide, some saddles have a divet or cut out in the middle of the seat, this feature is there to remove pressure from your perineal nerve. Spending all day riding on a saddle that is putting pressure on this nerve is miserable. Not in the sense of pain, but in that, your downstairs parts will go numb and be incredibly uncomfortable. We are far from doctors but we are pretty sure that it isn't healthy. When you get the saddle/chamois equation correct, the new riding position can feel a bit uncomfortable at first. This discomfort is only because your booty isn't used to it. After about a solid week of riding your butt bones will adjust to the new riding position, and all will be right in the world. A happy ass means longer rides and longer rides mean happiness, which would be a win-win-win! There is a surprising amount of science behind the relationship between cheek and saddle, if interested, here are a couple of articles linked below explaining in greater detail the magic of both chamois and saddle. If you don't care, or just don't have enough time drop-in after your next ride and we will gladly help you out.


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