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ABUS Facilo 32 U-Lock (Standard w/Cobra Cable)

ABUS' U-locks offer strength, durability and protection you can count on. The Facilo 32 U-Lock boasts a 12mm-thick, hardened steel shackle and a hardened lock body to keep your bike safe and sound. Plus, its reversible key is easy to use, and you can carry the Facilo on your bike with the included… [more]

OnGuard Armored Cable Combo
$34.95 - $39.95

Twisted steel cable protected by hardened steel armor to resist attack from bolt and wire cutters redesigned with a combination. [more]

OnGuard Bulldog Combo STD

OnGuard's Bulldog Combo STD will guard your bike day and night. It boasts a 13mm-wide hardened-steel shackle and OnGuard's stout X2P Double Bolt design that resists drilling, picking, bumping, and pulling for serious protection. This Bulldog sports a resettable 4-digit combination plus a mounting… [more]

OnGuard Doberman Glo Combo (185cm x 12mm/6 feet x 0.47 inch)

With OnGuard's Doberman Combo lock, all you need is your bike, the lock, and a number you can remember. This combination lock uses four numbers and can be reset any time. It's made from a strong steel cable covered with tough vinyl to protect both itself and your bike. The Doberman Combo is also… [more]

Planet Bike Super Guard Chain

If you don't have a trained, 300-pound gorilla to guard your bicycle, Planet Bike's Super Guard might be the next best thing. This heavy-duty chain with Planet Bike's mini U-lock is more than just a deterrent, the trapezoidal-shaped ultra-hardened-steel links defy bolt cutters, saws, chisels,… [more]

5 Results